Used Car Lots in Springfield OH

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Published October 4, 2018


Used Car Lots in Springfield OH

As easy as it may seem with all the used car lots in Springfield Ohio, you should be able to find a car that is well within your budget, but also reliable.It isn't always the case at some other car dealerships, but here at 56 Auto Sales London, we pride ourselves on selling quality used cars, at affordable prices. Take for instance this 2014 Chevrolet Malibu. It is a relatively newer model used car, and it has a beautiful sticker price. We do have older vehicles so if you are looking for cheap cars for sale near you. We also have cars that are priced 5k and less! Who says you can't buy a reliable vehicle, at an affordable price?
We believe that everyone should be able to purchase a used car. It gives us peace of mind knowing we have a dependable vehicle that we can count on in our everyday lives. Having a car is something most take for granted until they don't have one, or something happened to the one they were driving yesterday. Sometimes it's not about what we want, its what we need, and selling cars at prices people can afford is what we do here at 56 Auto Sales London.
There are times we have to swallow our pride a little bit, especially if we need a car and now. Finding one we can afford should not be a challenge.
It is about doing what is right for us at that moment in time and getting over the hurdles that life has made us jump.
If you are need of a car dealership near you, we have 2 locations to better serve you, in London OH and Circleville OH.
So, no matter what you are searching for when it comes to used cars for sale, we have them. Whether its a car to drive to work every day, or a commercial truck for your job, or side business, we have what you need. We make sure we have plenty of cars at our dealership to give people like you a choice. We should all have options and not feel like we are forced to buy a car from a dealership because its all they have, or we don't feel like driving somewhere else to look at cars. Unfortunately, that does happen, and we are happy that our dealership has the quality of vehicles that you want to buy.

If you are looking at cars for sale near you, and you are tired of the endless search for a vehicle that is not only dependable but also one you can afford, your search ends here at 56 Auto Sales London. Stop by and talk to one of our sales staff about any car that you have seen online or take a look around our dealership for yourself and when you're ready, someone will help you any way that they can to get you into a car you need, as well as one you can afford. 781 OH-56, London, OH 43140

Jet Black 
4cyl, 1.5L, 160.0hp
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NICE EFFICIENT FULL SIZED SEDAN!!This 2017 Chevrolet Malibu is a great looking sedan that has all the space you need and very rewarding fuel economy! This Mailbu is powered by a 1.5L gasoline engine and paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that will crank out an impressive 27 mpg city and 36...   Read More
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