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With summer already here, it’s time to get outside and have some fun while you still can! Since the temperature is hot and you no longer have to feel shut in by cold weather, why not look for some new toys to add excitement this season, 56 Auto Sales can help! We have a wide selection of golf carts for sale near you ready to be taken home with you. Whether you want to have some fun driving your friends around the neighborhood or for golfing down at the local course, we’ll have you covered. Our car dealers in Springfield, Ohio can even find you the financing you need to take one of our golf carts for sale near you home!

By getting pre-approved for a loan on our website, you can save a good deal of time on your search for golf carts for sale near you. Aside from filling out less paperwork, getting pre-approved online will let you know the APR and loan amount you’re eligible to receive. Keeping this in mind, you can have a much firmer understanding of your price range when shopping for new or used Golf carts for sale near you. Are you unsure of whether you’re entirely ready to get the ball rolling on financing one of our vehicles? Not to worry, because our payment calculator can help estimate your monthly payments in seconds.

Our online shopping tools aren’t the only way that our car dealers in Springfield, Ohio make it simple to find the right golf carts for sale near you. We also stay open 6 days a week with flexible hours to ensure that even those with the busiest schedules will be able to swing by on the weekends. If you want an automotive source that can simplify and take the hassle out of finding golf carts for sale in Ohio, then 56 Auto is the place to visit.

Used Golf Cars for Sale

Although we have plenty of golf carts for sale near you that can add some excitement to your summer, you may be looking for a reliable car as well. Shopping for your next vehicle can be an exciting experience, but without the right car dealers in Springfield, Ohio it can be full of risk and hassle. However, we work to mitigate the frustrations that can come with finding used cars for sale in a few different ways. One way that we eliminate the need to worry when shopping is by having all our pre-owned cars for sale inspected the moment they arrive. Keeping this in mind, you can shop with confidence knowing all our vehicles are mechanically sound.

In addition, you can expect a free history report with any of our used cars for sale, allowing you even more transparency. Are you finding yourself shopping on a tight budget? Whether looking for cars or used golf carts for sale, it’s imperative that they’re at the right price. Fortunately, even those with the tightest budget will be able to browse our used vehicles for under $10,000. Our car dealers in Springfield, Ohio even offer vehicles for as low as $5,000 on our lot. From used SUVs for sale to pre-owned trucks, you can count on us having a large selection of reliable and affordable options.

Used Golf Carts For Sale In Ohio

If you’re planning on purchasing a vehicle with us, you’ll need a trusted source for servicing and repairs afterward. Since you’re making a substantial investment with our car dealers in Springfield, Ohio, why not be certain that it continues to run optimally? Those seeking to get the most out of their current or next vehicle should pay our Service Center a visit. We have a team of certified specialists operating our service center and make sure to give them all the latest tools from the manufacturer. Regardless of what make or model you drive, we have the means to help you keep it running as smooth as the day you bought it.
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Whether you need repairs or just a simple oil change, you can rest easy knowing we’ll have you covered. In addition to maintenance and repairs, we also act as a great source for genuine OEM parts. Whether you want our car dealers in Springfield to do the work for you or you prefer doing it yourself, we’ll give you the means to get any job done. You can even schedule an appointment or order OEM parts right from the convenience of our website in moments. From golf carts for sale near you to whatever auto needs you may have, 56 Auto will be there to take care of you. If we seem like the right automotive source for you, feel free to visit our car dealers in Springfield, Ohio on Mondays through Saturdays. You’ll find us located at 781 State Route 56 SW, London, OH 43140.

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